Research & Sponsored Programs

RazorGrant Discussion Sessions 2016

RazorGrant Discussion Sessions 2016

The University of Arkansas Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSSP) assists investigators with the process of finding funding sources, submitting proposals, and managing awards. RSSP provides guidance to faculty and students in preparing proposals and expending awards in accordance with the regulations of federal and state governments and other funding agencies. RSSP also provides general information regarding sponsored program activity at the University of Arkansas.

National Science Foundation updated its Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (NSF16-1) effective for all proposals due January 25, 2016 or after.

Resources & Information

RSSP Staff

Ready to start a proposal or have questions? Who do you contact? Find the contact information and responsibilities of our office personnel.

Investigator's Toolbox

Direct access to frequently required information: internal forms; external funding opportunities and searchable funding databases; indirect cost rate agreement; benefits rates, assurance numbers and expiration dates, etc.

Proposal Preparation (Pre-Award)

Direct access to agency electronic portals for proposal submission, pre-award forms (e.g., proposal routing, conflict of interest, justification for direct costing of secretarial/ clerical/ administrative staff ), sample documents, and funding sources.

Award Management (Post-Award)

Direct access to internal forms — advance cost center request; cost center continuation; equipment transfer; OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133; sponsor post-award policies and procedures; fellowships and stipends.

Policies & Procedures

University of Arkansas policies and procedures relating to sponsored activities; Policies and procedures of selected funding agencies including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Core Facilities

Centralized shared research resources at University of Arkansas that provide access to instruments, technologies, services, as well as expert consultation and other services to scientific and clinical investigators.

Administrative Resources

Institutional Monthly Reports, Regulations and Regulatory Bodies, OMB forms, Federal Register, US Government Printing Office and other useful administrative resources.


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RSSP Training

Grant Writing Workshops