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Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development
205 Administration Building
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Office: (479) 575-5901
Fax: (479) 575-3846

Research Administrator's Post (RAP)

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This site is available for research administrators on the UA campus who are interested in sharing information regarding proposal preparation and grant management related activities.

Meeting Documents

Date of Presentation Subject Title Presenters Meeting Documents
2014/04/02 Other Moving to the Top 50 James Rankin, Kathy Van Laningham -Presentation
-Meeting Notes
2014/03/05 Employment UA Non-Residential Immigration/Employment Processes Update Audra Johnston, Shelly Gahagans - Presentation
- Meeting Notes
2013/11/06 Travel Travel Update Karen Jones Presentation
2013/10/02 Research Accounting The Dollar and "Sense" of Sponsored Programs Stephen Turner Presentation
2013/09/04 Purchasing What is RazorBuy? Heather Frankenberger - Presentation
- Meeting Notes
2013/08/07 Employment PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking System Review for Non-Classified Staff Barbara Abercrombie Presentation
2013/08/07 Grant Management Academic Policy 1622.30 Center and Institute – RIF Distribution James Rankin Presentation
2013/05/01 Grant Management Why does the University have more than one office? Mike Sisco/Kathy Scheibel Presentation
2013/04/06 Employment Hints for Processing Summer Research Salaries and Fringes Becky Shoemaker
2013/03/06 Other Program Officers are People Too Cynthia Sagers Meeting Notes
2013/02/06 Research Accounting SAS Reporting in Data Warehouse Stephen Turner, Chris Frala - Presentation
- Meeting Notes
2012/11/07 Travel Travel policy and procedures related to grants Karen Jones - Presentation
- Meeting Notes
2012/10/03 Grant Management Best Practices of Grant Management Kathy Scheibel, Steve Turner - Presentation
- Category Explanations
- Meeting Notes
2012/09/05 Research Accounting OpenUA and Transparency Initiatives Jean Schook Presentation
2012/06/06 Purchasing/Equipment Equipment Policy Revision Michael White, Janice Harrison Meeting Notes
2012/05/02 BASIS Enhancements to WebBasis Reporting Tools Polly Parnell, Donna Carter Presentation
2012/04/04 Grant Management Panel of Departmental Research Administrators Donna Johnson, Cheryl Nimmo, Cindy Pickney - Red Hat Forum
- Meeting Notes
- Purchasing and Travel Presentation
2012/03/07 Export Control Export Controls Rosemary Ruff Presentation
2012/02/01 RazorGrant RazorGrant is Coming! Dennis Brewer Presentation
2011/12/07 SURF SURF Award Kathy Scheibel Presentation
2011/11/02 Employment Employment practices at the U of A Bridgette Johnson, Carol Jones, Pat Koski, Stephen Turner Meeting Notes
2011/10/05 Other Research Communications Melissa Blouin Presentation
2011/09/07 Purchasing/Equipment Equipment Purchases Michael White, Janice Harrison
2011/08/03 Employment Non-Residential Immigration/Employment Processes Audra Johnston, Emily Ironside, Shelly Gahagans Presentation
2011/07/13 Purchasing RazorBuy Jim Hashbarger Meeting Document
2011/06/08 BASIS WebBASIS Polly Parnell, Donna Carter Presentation
2011/05/04 Grant Management New U of A Policy: Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Programs Stephen Turner Presentation
2011/04/06 Purchasing Procurement/Purchasing Ethics and Arkansas State Laws Bill Kincaid, David Martinson Presentation